The Academy of Math & Science offers well-rounded extracurricular sports and STEM-based clubs.

A sense of camaraderie and support is essential for any family and for all children growing up. We understand how important it is to have people behind you offering their support and to feel like you belong.


This is why we believe sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities are a vital part of a student’s academic career.


Extracurricular activities provide students with a productive break from their studies and helps to build confidence and important life skills like time management, teamwork, problem solving, and goal setting.


At the Academies of Math & Science we offer a variety of after-school sports, lessons, clubs, and teams.


Plus, we’re always adding more options based on student interest.

AMS flag football club

A well-rounded student is a happy student

That’s why we offer a variety of extracurricular activities for all grade levels.

Canyon Athletics Association

AMS is a proud member of the Canyon Athletics Association (CAA). Our campuses compete against other charter schools in basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, and track and field for middle school grades. Many of our campuses compete at the state level, with multiple campuses holding State Championship Titles in their division.

STEM Clubs & Teams

As a STEM-focused school, AMS offers STEM clubs and teams for all grades. Younger students can participate in Lego Club where they learn to use Legos to engineer structures, cars, and other machines and enter them into competitions against other schools. Older students can join the Robotics, Math Kangaroo, or Science Olympiad teams.


For students in grades K-5, many of our campuses offer mini sports where students can learn and practice the basics to build a solid foundation in their chosen sport. Mini sports are offered based on student/parent interest and vary from campus to campus, with soccer, basketball, and cheer being our most popular.

Student Clubs

Students can choose from 10+ after-school clubs and activities including yearbook, rock band, choir, art club, chess club, student council, and more. Whether your student is interested in the arts, sciences, or just wants to join a fun group to meet friends (like Lunch Club), there is something for every student.

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What We Offer

Clubs and sports vary by campus and are dependent on student/parent interest. Take a look at a list of some of the clubs we offer below.

Art Club
AV/Digital Arts Club
Chess Club
Choir Club
Coding Club
Drama Club
Glee Club
Guitar Club
Math Kangaroo
Mandarin Club
Piano Club
Reading Club
Rock Band
Russian Club
Science Olympiad
Sign Language Club

Spanish Club
Spelling Club
Strategic Gaming Club
Student Council
Boys’ Basketball
Girl’s Basketball
Boys’ Track and Field
Girls’ Track and Field
Boys’ Cross Country
Girls’ Cross Country
Flag Football
Girls’ Volleyball
Girls’ Softball
Co-ed Soccer
Mini-Sports (K-5)

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Explore all that AMS has to offer at a campus near you.


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