Uninterrupted Learning, Unparalleled Results

AMS is committed to designing schools that will serve as safe, thriving community centers of academic achievement.

All AMS schools employ a strict safety plan that requires all visitors to wear name tags and check in at a single point of entry, uses frequent patrols throughout the campus by staff, and is vigilant about student safety.

AMS partners with local Police and Fire Departments in each school’s community to assist in the planning and implementation of proper safety features and practices. Local Police specifically work with school and network administration to tailor the school’s lockdown procedures and train staff on active shooter response procedures.


AMS strives to create an environment where all community members, parents, and students feel personally invested in the safety and success of each and every student.

Safety at AMS

Student safety is our top priority at the Academies of Math and Science.

Our facilities ensure your child’s safety.

•  Our campuses are gated with controlled entrances into the school

•  All common areas have camera monitoring

•  Safe, nurturing, environments help your student grow

•  Zero-tolerance policies for bullying with positive behavior systems are in place

•  Safety plans are created in partnership with local police.

New and Updated Facilities

All AMS campuses are fully-equipped with student success in mind.

•  State-of-the-art classrooms with new books, materials, and a clean environment.

•  Full-sized soccer/football fields

•  1:2 ratios of student to laptop/technology equipment

Bullying at AMS: Zero-Tolerance

Bullying is counterproductive to academic and social-emotional development in education.

AMS keeps a close eye on research pertaining to the multi-faceted consequences of bullying as a preventative measure, and to leverage other schoolwide factors that can remedy the consequences of bullying. During the school day, AMS uses the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, and a customized character education program combined with frequent interactions with parents in Parent Teacher Teams. AMS strives to establish a school culture where students feel safe and comfortable meeting academic and social challenges head on.

AMS encourages parents to participate in extracurricular activities, assist with classroom assignments, and collaborate with their AMS student on a regular basis. Research has shown that parents who participate in their student’s education help spur meaningful academic achievement, help prevent bullying and other behavioral issues, and help AMS transform students into lifelong scholars and citizens of the world.


Safety at AMS

Consistent with AMS’s history of commitment to the needs of physically and mentally challenged students, AMS facilities meet and exceed all expectations for such students. Our passion for providing an excellent education for students in under-served communities is mirrored by our passion to serve students with physical and mental challenges.


AMS’s Special Education Director and Director of Construction and Facilities collaborate with each school’s architect to design and improve facilities in alignment with this goal.


All AMS schools operate in strict compliance with ADA, state, and federal standards as well as our own high standards for a campus that eliminates all barriers to providing a well-rounded education to physically challenged students.


All facilities within the AMS network reflect our continued commitment to physically and mentally challenged students by not only supporting their ability to navigate school campuses, but also by increasing their ability to participate in a range of enrichment programs and activities that may be otherwise unavailable to them.

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