New Scholars:

Open Enrollment Begins November 1, 2021

Returning Scholars:

Re-Enrollment begins December 1, 2021

New Scholars:

Open Enrollment Begins
November 1, 2021

Returning Scholars:

Re-Enrollment Begins December 1, 2021

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For maps of all AMS campuses

For maps of all AMS campuses, click here.

Seats are Limited

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Seats in our advanced and well-rounded K-8 STEAM schools fill up fast! Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll your child at an Academy of Math & Science. Apply before January 21 to be included in our enrollment lottery and gain the best chance of admission!

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  • ♦  9 locations in Arizona
  • ♦  State-of-the-art facilities
  • ♦  Rigorous cleaning program
  • ♦  STEAM-Focused (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math)
  • ♦ K-8 Mandarin and Russian classes
  • ♦ Music theory, piano, guitar, or choir
  • ♦ Affordable before and after-school care
  • ♦ Extended school day
  • ♦ Safe, secure learning environment

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Three Ways to Get Started at AMS

Enroll Now

Your child’s future starts today. We are an open-enrollment, tuition-free public charter schools. Seats are limited so we encourage you to begin the enrollment process as early as possible.


Get connected with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Enrollment Team members to find out how our award-winning STEAM curriculum turns today’s scholars into tomorrow’s visionaries.

Experience It

We are now scheduling in-person tours of our state-of-the-art facilities so our prospective families can see first-hand what makes AMS great! Find a campus near you to see it for yourself.

For maps of all AMS campuses

For maps of all AMS campuses, click here.

Why is AMS a great option for your child?

Parents choose the Academies of Math & Science because they want the best for their child. They choose AMS because they know that we turn today’s scholars into tomorrow’s global visionaries.

Our schools are designed to set students on the path to lifelong success, starting by preparing them for competitive high schools and colleges.

Each child’s success depends on us and we are confident that we can provide the knowledge and skills necessary for your child to succeed. With more than 20 years of experience providing academic success, parents just like you trust the Academy of Math & Science. 

To speak with an enrollment representative
Call: 602-584-6625

Advanced Curriculum

Not only do we consistently perform well above average on state exams, but we can offer your children a balanced education that includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), foreign languages (Russian and Mandarin), music (piano, guitar, choir, and theory), art, and character development.

The Academies of Math & Science is known for going above and beyond when it comes to giving students a rigorous, well-rounded education. Our students receive accelerated classes in the STEM subjects while incorporating foreign language, music, and art using methods, systems, and programs proven to help them succeed.

Learn more about the AMS STEM Program >>>

Individualized Education

We understand that choosing a school is an immensely personal decision. That is why we are open with families and transparent about our culture.
AMS is geared towards motivated scholars, and most of our students work at least one year ahead. For students who are behind but aspire to get ahead, we provide free tutoring and remediation with a team of interventionists who will work with families to implement plans that help students close any gaps in knowledge they may come across.

Learn more about Our Approach >>>

Dedicated Teachers

We hire the best teachers at AMS. We hire highly motivated teachers who inspire growth and innovative thinking in their classes, and who are some of the most intelligent and talented experts in their fields. Our teachers are dedicated to their students and care for their personal and academic growth, helping them to become outstanding scholars and citizens.

Learn more about the Teachers at AMS >>>


Fully Equipped Facilities

Our campuses and classrooms are fully equipped to help your child succeed. With laptops and Chromebooks for students to use as a learning tool, state-of-the-art science labs and sports facilities, and access to technology and equipment for robotics and engineering, we give students everything they need to succeed and get ahead.

Learn more about AMS Safety and Facilities >>>

Unparalleled Outcomes

We’re more than just numbers. Our data is more than lines on a graph or figures on a spreadsheet.

Behind every datapoint is a student, a family, a teacher. Every statistic is a story of hard work, long nights, and endless love. Yes, we’re proud of our test scores. But we’re proudest of everything they stand for.

Learn more about Our Results >>> 
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5-Star Parent Reviews


Arizona Campus Locations


Years of Proven Results


Families Happily Enrolled

AMS Trophy icon

We are proud to be the 2016 Arizona Charter School of the Year

and proud that all our campuses are currently ranked #1 or #2 by 5-star parent reviews in their respective neighborhoods on Greatschools.org.


To speak with an enrollment representative
Call: 602-584-6625

What parents think of AMS

Real reviews. Real results.


“Any parent that cares about their child's education should enroll them in academy of math and science. I have had 5 children there for over 8 years and the education is beyond my expectation. AMS will help any student with extra tutoring to get your student up to expectation with their standards. This school offers the best in education.

I am proud to be a parent of 5 outstanding students attending this school!”



“My girls and I love the Academy of Math and Science. They've both been there since kindergarten and are now fifth and sixth graders. We are very happy with the curriculum and how far ahead they are academically than if they were in a regular public school. I have no doubt that when they finish the eighth grade, they will be more than ready for high school. My grandson started kindergarten there this year and will be continuing with AMS as well.”


Kristina Buffalo


“The school is great. Children are doing the next years curriculum. In 2nd grade, my son is doing multiplication. They also have a wonderful booster club that helps parents get involved in the school. They teach piano or guitar to the students too!”



“The Academy of Math & Science has been such a blessing for my son and myself. The teachers and staff have treated my 'special needs' boy with respect, as well as the firmness he needs. They have been responsive & professional in every way. The office staff & administrators are the very best!! I was not surprised at all when AMS was named #1, but rather was pleased that the state recognized what was obvious to me.”


Nancy Fralick


“The staff is incredibly caring about all the students. They make sure that they take the time to talk to you about any concerns surrounding your child. The teachers are energetic and work with you to keep you updated as to how your child is doing."




“My Daughter has attended AMS since 5th grade, I can't Praise your Staff and Teachers Enough, you have helped train her for her future through Tutoring, and the Classroom workgroup activities. She studies hard every night dedicated to be all that she can be.

Thank you all so much!”



“Great school and great teachers. Soon both my daughters will be attending. We are so happy to have our kiddos here. Keep up the great work Academy of Math and Science! ”


Michael L. Nervik

A well-rounded education for your child

In their first respective years of existence, our newest Phoenix campuses outperformed 75% of surrounding schools on the AzMERIT!


Well-rounded curriculum for your child.

In the 2015-2016 school year, AMS Prince students passed the AzMERIT statewide assessment at nearly double the rate of other schools in Arizona. In March 2016, AMS Prince and MASSA were recognized by the Education Equality Index as two of 10 schools in Tucson closing the achievement gap. 

As a network, AMS by some measures is one of the highest performing networks in the state. Our campuses outperform most or all schools in their respective neighborhoods and the AMS district as a whole has outperformed local schools by an average of over 20% in math, language arts, and science since 2010. In 2008, AMS Prince was one of only sixteen public charter schools nationwide honored by the United States Department of Education “No Child Left Behind – Blue Ribbon Schools” program, which recognizes schools that make significant progress in closing the achievement gap.

To speak with an enrollment representative
Call: 602-584-6625

AMS Phoenix Locations

AMS Tucson Locations

Open Enrollment
Is Here!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join a well-rounded tuition-free education at the Academies of Math & Science!

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Open Enrollment is Here!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join a well-rounded tuition-free education at the Academies of Math & Science!

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