Why Teaching Kindergarten at AMS is Rewarding

AMS Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Rushing describes her favorite moments of teaching. Mrs. Rushing teaches her scholars the importance of having integrity and learning how to be independent.

Video Transcription:


My favorite moment is when I get to reflect. When I get to reflect where we started and where they end up it’s so special and it hits your heart every time we do it.


From that beginning, when we’re chasing kids from underneath desks, to kids are crying for Mommy and then at the end, when they’re walking across that stage saying “thank you Mrs. Rushing” is such a beautiful thing. And the parents are crying because they don’t want to let them go but they know that kids have to grow up and move on. But they always come back, and I always get great recommendations for the next year.


I strongly promote integrity beginning in kindergarten. They know exactly what to do and what it means that you have to have integrity in life in general. I start off small. “Are you doing the right thing when no one is watching you?” and they say yes, I am. So just to promote character traits that they’re going to use throughout their lifetime is important in AMS students and I see it all around. They are very well-mannered, they help each other. I see the older kids supporting the younger ones and the playground is run pretty well for us to have a mixed group of kids.


The character traits that they possess are outstanding and it’s invaluable. They are very independent but I’m training them to be that way. I want them to be able to know that if I’m not here, you still can learn and do the right thing. I usually teach kids that you can one day be the teacher. And a lot of them will say to me “I want to be a teacher like you Mrs. Rushing!” Well, don’t be exactly like me, but that’s a lovely compliment to hear that they want to be a teacher because teaching is not for everyone.

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Video Transcription:

“What’s incredible about AMS is its desire to constantly grow. There is never a point in time where AMS is content with where it’s at. There’s always a goal and always something to strive towards and that is a team I want to be a part of.


My name is Curtis Walker, and I am the Principal of Academy of Math and Science Flower.

Six years ago, I began my career with AMS as a teacher. I was a middle school language arts teacher and I transition from middle school language arts to an Assistant Principal position with the Camelback campus. Three years ago, was asked to become Principal and serve the community at AMS Flower and so three years ago I became the Principal at the Academy of Math and Science.


What makes AMS Flower so special and different from any other school is our sense of community. Here at AMS Flower we celebrate one another, we have a growth mindset, we look out for each other every single day and that is something that you do not find anywhere else.


Each and every day our teachers come to work, and they are happy to be here. That is something that you don’t find often when you’re talking about schools and education, especially in the midst of pandemic. And so our teachers come ready every day, happy and ready to work for our kids and ready to serve our community.


From front office, to facilities, to our paraprofessionals, to our teachers; there is a sense of collaboration, there’s a sense of community and we have each other’s backs.


Every minute matters. Every minute of instruction matters and every minute of building and fostering relationships matter here at AMS Flower. Our kids need us just as much as we need them. Our kids are special there is so much hope so much potential so much that we are looking forward to seeing all of her students on a daily basis.

Our students start with us beginning in kindergarten and they matriculate all the way through to 8th grade and that is something special within itself. What happens within those years is all on our teachers. Our teachers work their hardest every single day and commit themselves to planning lessons on a daily basis, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality of Education possible.  

Along the way, there’s the integration of Technology and making sure that celebrations are happening along the way. Our teachers want to make sure that our students have every opportunity afforded to them outside of AMS Flower.”

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